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Merchant Cash Advance London

Fast flexible way to increase your cash flow…

Merchant Cash Advance London – Tower Bridge Commercial Solutions Ltd

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a fast and flexible way to raise finance through your debit and credit card payments, either via online providers such as Stripe or from a card terminal.

The typical amount you can receive is equal to one month’s average card takings.

The cost is worked out via a factor rate, so you know upfront how much it will cost and there is no additional interest or late payment charges. Repayment is based on a fixed percentage of your card sales, so when sales are down you pay less, and when the business is performing well, the advance is paid off quicker.

No security and no business plan are required, just regular monthly card payments.

MCAs are particularly popular with the hospitality industry and off-licenses, but the flexibility of the product makes it appealing for any business.

Merchant Cash Advance lenders are quick to look at your proposals and typically make a decision within 24-48 hours with funds often being available within the week from applying.

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