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Business Loans London

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Business Loans London – Tower Bridge Commercial Solutions Ltd

We have access to all sorts of loans that will suit your requirements and fit your time scales.

Can be used for any business purpose and the majority allow you to repay in full without penalty should you wish to do so.

Secured Business Loans

These loans are a great option when you have a need for a cash injection into your business but because of your current position you are not able to obtain a traditional term loan. Examples of time to use:

  • You’re a Start Up so no trading history yet
  • You have company trading history that does not show enough to satisfy main stream lenders
  • You have poor credit that makes it hard to pass credit score
  • You have no Accounts

There is a growing market of lenders in this space now and so it is possible to find the one that will best suit your requirement. Term can be anything from 12 months to ten years.

Unsecured Business Loans

A Business loan is a great way for a company to benefit from additional working capital to maybe aid with the hiring of additional staff or the buying of more stock. The uses for them are only limited to the fact it must be for business purposes so it’s worth investigating if you are short of capital.

Loans if you are a limited company can be from as little a £1000 and can go as high as £500,000 depending on the requirement and status of the company.

Terms can be anything from one month to usually five years. This is a market now that has so many lenders and products that it is possible to match most scenarios.

At Tower bridge we specialise in this area and have access to an extensive panel which we are happy to share with you.

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