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Commercial & Business Mortgages London

Please see below for more details about some of the service we offer:


Owner Occupied Mortgages

These are loans that are required when the business owner wishes to purchase a property with the intention to trade from the premises. Typically Lenders will go to a maximum of 75% of the value of the property, but in the case of professional occupations ie Doctors and Vets than can look up to 100

The term of the loan can go up to 30 years. There is no real restriction on property type but the more complex the property is, the more deposit you will be required to put in. It will also restrict the amount of Lenders that will look to do the loan

This is where our specialist knowledge of the market will help in finding you the solution that fits.

Commercial Investment Mortgages

Commercial only and Semi Commercial (mixed use).

Sometimes as returns can be attractive on properties which have a commercial and residential element to them (mixed use) people like to purchase them as long  term investments.

With these types of mortgages the lend will be based on the amount of rent the property will be able to generate and also the strength of the lease on the commercial premises. Where the property is commercial only the same rules apply.

The maximum loan currently on these types of mortage is between 65-70% of the value and terms can go up to 30 years.

Residential Buy to Let

When you are looking to purchase a residential property to rent out then you would get a buy to let mortgage. This can be done in either your own personal name or via the setting up of a ltd company.

Either way the lender will look at the rental amount to determine the level of borrowing. Minimum deposit can be as little as 15% although 30% is a better guide to average requirement.

Terms can go up to 30 years and normally on a interest only basis.


When you take out a bridging loan, a ‘charge’ will be placed on your property. This is a legal agreement that prioritises which lenders will be repaid first should you fail to repay your loan.

These loans are great if you need to finance something quickly. They are normally secured on property and designed to give you the time to purchase without the need of having everything already in place.

So if you have not got your Accounts in order to get a traditional loan you can still get the property you want while you get them sorted.

Another good use is to buy a property that needs to be renovated to get to mortgage standard

The market for these loans is now so competitive the charges and interest rates have fallen making them a flexible tool in being able to work for so many clients.

Bridging loans are priced monthly, rather than annually, because people tend to take them out for a short period. 

You should keep in mind you will need to normally have around 30% deposit although this can vary depending on the circumstances of the case.

These types of loans normally have a term of up to 24 months but generally you will be looking to repay as soon as possible.

It is of great benefit if you work with a specialist if you want this type of finance to help you get the most flexible option for you.


These loans are a great option when you have a need for a cash injection into your business but because of your current position you are not able to obtain a traditional term loan.

Examples of time to use :

  • You’re a Start Up so no trading history yet
  • You have company trading history that does not show enough to satisfy main stream lenders
  • You have poor credit that makes it hard to pass credit score
  • You have no Accounts

There is a growing market of lenders in this space now and so it is possible to find the one that will best suit your requirement. Term can be anything from 12 months to ten years.


A Business loan is a great way for a company to benefit from additional working capital to maybe aid with the hiring of additional staff or the buying of more stock. The uses for them are only limited to the fact it must be for business purposes so it’s worth investigating if you are short of capital.

Loans if you are a limited company can be from as little a £1000 and can go as high as £500,000 depending on the requirement and status of the company.

Terms can be anything from one month to usually five years. This is a market now that has so many lenders and products that it is possible to match most scenarios.

At Tower bridge we specialise in this area and have access to an extensive panel which we are happy to share with you.


Asset finance is one of the most accessible and flexible forms of finance, with solutions covering all industry sectors and businesses. It is a form of leasing arrangement between you and a leasing company where instead of buying equipment outright, you enter into a hire agreement.

You can use this type of finance to purchase office equipment, factory machinery, motor vehicles, Vans. Sometimes it is even possible to refinance a piece of machinery you already own

We are proud to be in the position of being part of one of the biggest asset finance brokerages in the country. This enables us to have access to an extensive range of products and exclusives you would not get direct.

We will work with you to get you the right type of asset finance to suit your need.


A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a fast and flexible way to raise finance through your debit and credit card payments, either via online providers such as Stripe or from a card terminal.

The typical amount you can receive is equal to one month’s average card takings.

The cost is worked out via a factor rate, so you know upfront how much it will cost and there is no additional interest or late payment charges. Repayment is based on a fixed percentage of your card sales, so when sales are down you pay less, and when the business is performing well, the advance is paid off quicker.

No security and no business plan are required, just regular monthly card payments.

MCAs are particularly popular with the hospitality industry and off-licenses, but the flexibility of the product makes it appealing for any business.

Merchant Cash Advance lenders are quick to look at your proposals and typically make a decision within 24-48 hours with funds often being available within the week from applying.

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