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Commercial Property Mortgages London

Access to a large panel of Lenders to find you a product to suit your needs.

Commercial Property Mortgages London – Tower Bridge Commercial Solutions Ltd

There are so many Lenders offering these types of mortgages you can easily be lost in the maze. Let us help you by finding the one to fit your required loan to value and repayment timescale leaving you free to run your business.

Owner Occupied Mortgages

These are loans that are required when the business owner wishes to purchase a property with the intention to trade from the premises. Typically Lenders will go to a maximum of 75% of the value of the property, but in the case of professional occupations ie Doctors and Vets than can look up to 100

The term of the loan can go up to 30 years. There is no real restriction on property type but the more complex the property is, the more deposit you will be required to put in. It will also restrict the amount of Lenders that will look to do the loan

This is where our specialist knowledge of the market will help in finding you the solution that fits. 

Commercial Investment Mortgages

Commercial only and Semi Commercial (mixed use).

Sometimes as returns can be attractive on properties which have a commercial and residential element to them (mixed use) people like to purchase them as long  term investments.

With these types of mortgages the lend will be based on the amount of rent the property will be able to generate and also the strength of the lease on the commercial premises. Where the property is commercial only the same rules apply. The maximum loan currently on these types of mortage is between 65-70% of the value and terms can go up to 30 years.

Residential Buy to Let

When you are looking to purchase a residential property to rent out then you would get a buy to let mortgage. This can be done in either your own personal name or via the setting up of a ltd company.

Either way the lender will look at the rental amount to determine the level of borrowing. Minimum deposit can be as little as 15% although 30% is a better guide to average requirement. Terms can go up to 30 years and normally on a interest only basis.

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